Technetics Group is the leader of custom-designed High Performance Sealing Solutions in Demanding Environments with applications in the nuclear, oil and gas, life sciences, aerospace, semiconductor and other industries. Through the combination of eight of the world’s best-known sealing and critical component design and manufacture businesses comes Technetics Group. Technetics Group brings together brand names that are used throughout the world in critical markets. Our brands include: HELICOFLEX® resilient metal seals, ORIGRAF® graphite seals, BELFAB® edge-welded metal bellows, and FELTMETAL™ abradable seals and acoustic media.




The VITAFLEX® and FLEXSEAL® spiral-wound gasket concept can solve a large variety of the most difficult sealing problems. Although its basic fundamental principle has changed little since its creation, the production techniques and materials that have been developed over the last 40 years have enabled our gaskets to be adapted to a much broader range of applications.
The winding, or the active part of the gasket, consists of an alternating combination of a formed metal strip and soft filler material wound together. The soft filler material is selected to suit the medium to be sealed (pressure, temperature, fluid). Several consecutive turns of the metal strip are welded together at the beginning and end of the winding in order to maintain the tension




ORIGRAF® Graphite Seals

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VITAFLEX® Spiral Wound Gaskets

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