Technetics Group is the leader of custom-designed High Performance Sealing Solutions in Demanding Environments with applications in the nuclear, oil and gas, life sciences, aerospace, semiconductor and other industries. Through the combination of eight of the world’s best-known sealing and critical component design and manufacture businesses comes Technetics Group. Technetics Group brings together brand names that are used throughout the world in critical markets. Our brands include: HELICOFLEX® resilient metal seals, ORIGRAF® graphite seals, BELFAB® edge-welded metal bellows, and FELTMETAL™ abradable seals and acoustic media.




The Quick Disconnect System is designed to quickly assemble and disassemble a flange joint while offering space saving features. A typical QDS requires less space than a traditional bolted assembly and is easier to install, especially in tight locations where access to bolts and screws may be difficult. This feature is especially beneficial in radioactive environments where personnel exposure is an issue. The QDS is available in both standard ISO-KF sizes and custom sizes for low, medium and high pressure applications. Because the flanges and clamp lips are conical, the QDS is able to self-adjust to the thickness of the seal, thus enabling various seal types to be employed. QDS can be used in a wide range of temperatures : from cryogenics to > 752°F, depending on the applications. During tightening, no torsion torque is applied to the pipes.
The QDS is widely used in various critical markets, including nuclear, research, aerospace and industrial.
Special designs can be done by our engineering department depending on your specific requirement





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