Technetics Group is the leader of custom-designed High Performance Sealing Solutions in Demanding Environments with applications in the nuclear, oil and gas, life sciences, aerospace, semiconductor and other industries. Through the combination of eight of the world’s best-known sealing and critical component design and manufacture businesses comes Technetics Group. Technetics Group brings together brand names that are used throughout the world in critical markets. Our brands include: HELICOFLEX® resilient metal seals, ORIGRAF® graphite seals, BELFAB® edge-welded metal bellows, and FELTMETAL™ abradable seals and acoustic media.




The challenges that we take on every day push away the boundaries of technology.

The level of perfomance to be achieved is increasingly demanding. The objectives of and users are to reach extremely low leakage rates of around 10-12 to 10-11 mbar.l.s-1 corresponding to the volume of a pinhead, which would take 200 or even 2000 years to leak out!

The challenges faced are linked to increasingly difficult operating conditions, whith can combine different contraints, such as high pressure and temperature, complex mechanical stresses, interactions between materials and in relation to fluids, bacterial aggressiveness.

This is the case, for example, with energy technologies, both in the nuclear field and that of alterative energies.

maestral offers a multi – scale scientific approach combining tests, characterization and simulation in order to develop sealing solutions that meet present and future needs.

maestral brings together the strengths of TECHNETICS GROUP FRANCE, leader in the field of high – perfomance industrial sealing and CEA(French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Agency), a major player in research and innovative developments for energy technologies.

maestral makes available to all its partners and clients the R&D support of a high-tech laboratory.