No mechanical seal lasts forever. Even with double seals, no manufacturer can guarantee that the second seal face pair will seal after the first has failed. The "Disaster Bushings" demanded by the oil industry (API) also offer no protection in case of a leakage. The DEPAC type 270P, conversely, guarantees a high level of process reliability, because in the case of seal damage the integrated packing is simply adjusted to a minimum leakage rate and the mechanical seal can thus remain in service until the next planned standstill. The DEPAC type 270P is the new standard in cartridge-mounted mechanical seals, since expensive production losses and unplanned emergency assignments of fitters can be prevented.


• Adjustable safety seal
• Stationary design principle
• Ideal for conversions from gland packings to mechanical seals
• Extremely well suited for standardisations
• Cartridge-mounted, balanced, independent of the direction of rotation
• Multi-springs made of Hastelloy C, springs outside the medium
• Vibration-dampend stationary face support



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